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Welcome to ColganMusic.com, your best, one-stop opportunity to:

  • Have AUTHENTIC individualised training based on establishing a strategy of clarifying YOUR point A and YOUR point B and DIRECTLY bringing those points together without wasting time on generics by an instructor who has been doing this since Aug ‘76 to several thousand clients
  • Reach YOUR maximum progress more than any mass product, method, curriculum, software, DVD book or app because YOUR program will factor in the most important ingredient that cannot be added to mass-production: YOU!
  • Receive QUALITY individualized instruction from an EXPERIENCED professional if YOU live in or YOU are stationed geographically in an area where such training is not available since authentic training is so difficult to find in some places and even impossible in MOST counties.
  • Receive QUALITY instruction from an EXPERIENCED professional while travelling or even at work.
  • Save a lot of travel time, money and gas and avoid traffic while not having to deal with salesmen at a cramped, noisy facility and receive higher quality training than the usual inexperienced instructors they usual have
  • Have lessons that do not fall within the hours of an intrusive schedule of a 3rd party facility’s hours
  • Have the flexibility of taking lessons in 15 minute increments to as many hours that YOU feel you need at that time.