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"I had been playing guitar for 16 years when I decided to return to lessons to learn some advanced theory and techniques. I found Colgan and from our first exchange, I could tell he understood how to teach; it's an art form and many people cannot do it.

Lessons with Colgan aren't just the run of the mill "let me show you how to play songs you like." He breaks things down and explains them in a way that causes you to see songs you've listened to for years in an entirely different light. Colgan is also a keen observer of his students' playing. He's frequently caught my problem spots and has shown me how making minor adjustments to basic elements of my playing can really improve my chops.

Inter-personally, Colgan is friendly, personable, and working with him is fun. It's obvious that he is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to music but he always comes across as down to earth and easy to talk to. I look forward to my time working with Colgan every week, and I'd highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning guitar, from someone who has never played before all the way up to people who have been playing for years."
Dr. Nick Maccarrone, Deerfield Beach


"My 13 year old son and I have been taking guitar and bass lessons from Colgan for the past 4 months. For both of us, it was our first time taking lessons and playing for that matter. I've been really happy with our progression. He's been able to teach us to play any song that we've brought to him, down to the tuning, and playing style. We couldn't ask for a more knowledgeable and experienced teacher. We drive 45 minutes every week for lessons, and it's definitely worth it."
Jim Andrews Miami, Fl


"I had been ripped off and misled, wasting money, until I met Colgan he taught with the music I enjoy and always explained every thing to my understanding which made my bass guitar fun and easy, he is a wealth of knowledge. A few months later I'm playing songs by ear as well as sheet music. At 48 I'm having the time of my life.

I would recommend Colgan to any one wishing to learn guitar or bass."
Jeff Doe Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.


"After years of simply playing the guitar and struggling to teach myself how to take my playing to the next level, a family member bought me a few lessons with Colgan as a gift. I had taken lessons from teachers in the past and appreciated the outside perspective that they provided to my playing. My expectations for Colgan were to receive the same level of instruction from previous teachers. I was shocked to actually experience everything that Colgan brought to the table.

He immediately related to some of walls that I hit in my playing and explained to me how he overcame the same difficulties in his very own playing. His wealth of musical experience and taste has helped me to truly develop my guitar skills, listening ability, and rediscover my passion for the guitar and music. In a few short weeks I quickly noticed how my ability had greatly improved and my motivation to continue to develop as a guitarist was back."
J.J. Creegan Health Club Director Boca Raton FL


"A great teacher who knows how to teach - which in itself is hard to find in a teacher. He helps you open doors so you can understand the guitar, and begin to be creative as a student."
Michael Lauderdale by Sea - Florida


"It is my sincere pleasure to recommend Colgan Bryan to you! I have had the privilege to work with Colgan on many occasions as a fellow musician and have found him to be extremely gifted, refreshingly flexible, and surprisingly humble. By surprising, I mean that most of today's musicians with extreme talents are either arrogant or self-absorbed. I have found neither in Colgan. It is a true joy to work with him!

I have also been privileged to have him as a teacher. When I decided to take on a second instrument, I could think of no one else I would rather have as an instructor than Colgan. He is as gifted teaching as he is playing! He uses only the best interest of his student as his motivation and tailors his lessons accordingly. More than anything, it is a real honor to call him a friend!"
Rusty Hintz Pembroke Pines, FL Pastor


I met Colgan in the early 1990's he was teaching at Caleb's Guitar in Redlands, Ca. I had some guitar experience but wanted to go to the next level with my playing. I had met with a few other instructors before meeting with Colgan to feel them out before committing but the first meeting I had with Colgan I said "this was the guy I want teaching/coaching me to that next level." In my experience he was, and still is to this day the only instructor who sat down and talked with me first about the direction I wanted to go and how we would work together to get the results I wanted. I could never say enough about Colgan as an instructor or a person.

Colgan really loves what he does and you can tell when you first meet him! Colgan loves playing, teaching, talking about teaching and his super cool metaphors are my personal favorite!

Colgan, as an instructor you exceedingly transcend the vast majority of others in your field, as a human being you are a top notch, class act with a ton of heart. Thank you for all the wisdom you have passed down to me over the years. Because of you and your wisdom I have reached the next level and will continue to grow every time I pick up the guitar. The things I have learned from you about guitar and music I have actually been able to apply to other areas in my life as well and that is True Wisdom! I was looking for someone to show me how to be a better guitar player and made a true friend! Thank You for the unexpected friendship and for staying in touch all these years!
Tim Neumann Lead guitar/vox ELIAH


"Tutoring under Colgan Bryan has opened my eyes to a whole new world of guitar playing. Colgan offers concise, efficient, no-fluff teaching that can allow anyone to begin playing immediately. For people who have never touch a guitar before, to those who want to gain a deeper understanding of the instrument, I fully endorse Mr. Bryan to you. You will thank me later."
Rick Rodriguez School Teacher


Professor: I didn't get a chance to thank you before we returned to Orlando, but you're doing a great job with Paige. She loves playing, and I know how rewarding that will be for the rest of her life. I still sit down and play; once it becomes part of who we are, it's there forever. I never had a good teacher like you and that makes Paige very lucky. Best. jdk

Jeffrey D. Keiner, Esq.


You've always been full of good advice and wisdom, thanks! Its great to be back in touch, and we must get together soon. I have so much new material to share with you, and I cant wait to hear all of yours as well!

These past few years not being in contact with you have allowed me to truly realize how much you've done for me. All the time in the world spent with the best guitar teacher at any music store will never come close to one of your lessons. You are an incredible person, and I appreciate the lessons more than words can explain. I cherish those times and think about your guidance everyday. I couldn't have been the musician or person I am today with out you. Thank you so much!